Real-time insights for data driven investors

Deeper Insights for Data-Driven Investors

Alpha Hat enables fundamental investors to gain actionable intelligence from alternative datasets.

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Alternative Data

Billions of data points a day from multiple alternative data sources provide investors with differentiated insights and real-time intelligence about company performance.


Analytics Platform for Investors

Specifically designed for fundamental investors, our analytics platform enables clients to visualize and utilize alternative datasets in their workflows. Gain an informational edge by harnessing data to understand company health and performance in real-time.

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Data-Driven Research

View our latest insights at our research blog or download the sample report below.

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Key insights discussed in this report

  • Chipotle's Queso launch drove traffic from repeat customers

  • Dunkin' Donuts' exposure to the North East leaves it vulnerable to bad weather

  • Walmart benefitted from Hurricane Harvey in Houston

  • Nordstrom's "Anniversary Sale" leads to massive share gains vs. peers

  • Retail traffic continues its secular decline


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